Your Source for Car Electrical Repair

When you need it done, get it done right. For the past three years, we have made advanced car electronics analysis, debugging, and car electrical repair our business. We utilize a number of techniques to get the job done, inluding specialized tools, equipments, and expertise. The end result is a tecnique that allows us to go to deep component level on a very broad range of car equipment to analyse, reverse engineer, and repair what you bring in. In addition, we apply our technologies to specialise in component level repair and refurbishment.


Having served the community for over three years, we have a wealth of equipment and expertise to service and repair virtually any piece of car electronic equipment to the component level. We have worked to make a name for ourself in car electronic repair and car electric systems repiar. We stand by our service and offer our customers a fully comprehensive 90 days warranty on all work we perform.


We have the expertise and equipment to perform full electronic repair on virtually all car electronics. In addition, we refurbish and repair the product by replacing any wearing or worn components as a matter of course. Finally, we provide a comprehensive warranty on the whole product and not just the repair.

Fast turnaround & Competitive pricing

Quick check or service resets do not require bookings. Please come in and we will help you right away. For all other repairs, we aim to evaluate the car or equipment within 8 hours of receiving it. Upon receiving authorisation to proceed, we average 90% of repairs within 72 hours. On average, we save our customers >70% of the total cost that they would incur on the alternatives. For example, we can remove crash data from airbag module, which could cost up to 700 euros, from only 50 euros and save you hundreds. In addition, we aim to repair rather then replace, making our methods cost effective.

  1. Air bag light repair from 50 euro
  2. Crash data removal from air bag module from 50 euro, (this service provided for auto traders and crash repairs centres. No need to buy new air bag module, which is, could be up to700 euro, just pay 50, and save hundreds.)
  3. Some cars like Mercedes, BMW and Mazda have sensor in the passenger seat, which gives a lot of troubles. We will fix that problem for you, without changing the seat.
    For last models of Mercedes and BMW cars service reset – 20 euro. (Those functions provided for persons who prefer to make the service themselves, but do not have special equipment to do that.)
  4. Immobiliser systems repair from 100 euro. IMMO OFF or repair
  5. ECU swap from 100 euro.
  6. Key fobs repair from 20 euro.
  7. We have 3 options for Renault Laguna, Megan key card:
    1. Cheap new card programed to the car 100 euro no warranty
    2. Good quality card programed to the car 180 euro. Dealer charging 250 euro.
    3. If you will provide the card yourself, to get it programed will cost 50 euro.

Customer satisfaction

We maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and consistently achieve >95% customer satisfaction rates. 9 out of 10 customers are happy to use us again and recommend our services to others. Given such positive feedback, we continue striving for the best possible service, treating each repair as a unique case. If you are looking to have someone perform car electric repair or car electronic system repair, then look no further.