What is chip tuning?

Chip tuning Chip tuning is the process of modifying any type of erasable programmable “read only” memory chip that is installed in an automobile’s engine control unit. This process can be completed in order to give the vehicle extra power when driving, cleaner emissions that are put off into the air, and better fuel efficiency, which allows the vehicle to get better gas mileage. Having this process performed may increase the overall quality of fuel that needs to be put into the vehicle, but also increases the mileage and effectiveness of the fuel that is put into the car. Many manufacturers purposely lower the overall quality of the chip inside a vehicle in order to decrease the fuel economy and allow the customer to put cheaper fuel in, but this actually becomes more expensive for the customer, as the engine gets much less miles per gallon than it could.

By having a chip tuning service performed, you have the opportunity to increase the overall power output of your engine for a relatively short time. The process is available for a relatively low cost, meaning that you will be able to have the extra power that comes from your chip tuning whenever you need it, such as before trips or before any type of scenario where extra fuel economy would help you and your family. The overall increase in power (which comes from the engine tuning) comes from the optimization that is completed of the engine control unit (ECU.) A chip tuning can be completed on any modern engine in order to give the engine extra power and better fuel efficiency, as long as the engine has an ECU (engine control unit) that is accessible. As long as the ECU is accessible, the erasable programmable read only memory chip can be modified to increase the overall output of the engine and help your car to run longer on less gas.


  1. +30 % extra power – 200 euro.
  2. +20% fuel economy – 200 euro.
  3. EGR valve removal – 150 euro.
  4. Hot start problem VAG – 150 euro.
  5. DPF. FAP removal from – 250 euro.

For Garages.

In addition to our chip tuning service, we offer other garages the opportunity to purchase files that will assist in your own chip tuning service for a low cost. This means that by purchasing the files from us, you will be able to begin earning the money that you spent incredibly quickly, and surpass your initial cost within a very short amount of time. This investment is one that is sure to pay off, so don’t delay in purchasing the chip tuning files and begin offering your customers the opportunity to gain extra power and increased fuel economy on their vehicles!